Life Challenges are Inevitable.

Everyone Needs Experienced and Personalized Guidance.

Tap into the first-hand wisdom of trained Guides
Increase your team’s focus, well-being and creativity
Reduce employee presenteeism loss
Enhance your Culture of Caring

Do You Have a Plan to Help Alleviate the Stress & Pain of Life Challenges?

Life Challenges are the predominant driver of “presenteeism” loss—distracted energy, lack of focus & loss in creativity.


This costs employers across the globe an estimated $1.5 trillion annually.¹


¹Direct Health Solutions, 2014

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Offer Support

Our team of trained and qualified Guides provides experienced, personalized and confidential support.

In addition, each employee receives their own expert-curated resources to support their needs.

Next, they choose a well-matched guide for their situation to talk with on the phone—and even confidentially text.

Simple, Confidential & Easy to Use

First, your employee registers online with us, which normally takes less than one minute.​

Why the “Aging & Family Caregiving Bundle” is Important

Alzheimer’s of a Loved One

Companies annually lose $36 billion in productivity due to employees caring for a loved one with dementia.¹

Family Caregiving

The average family caregiver spends 1100 hours a year caring for their loved one.²

Aging Parents

53% of Americans have a parent age 65 and older who requires help. 80% state caring for their parent(s) is stressful.³

Grief & Loss

32% of participants in a study said they do not feel their employer treated their grief situation with compassion.⁴

Our Initial Offering: The “Aging & Family Caregiving” Bundle

Alzheimer’s of a Loved One

Family Caregiving

Aging Parents

Grief & Loss

Want to learn more about partnering with us and helping your employees?

"My Guide was very understanding and had a wealth of knowledge that helped me manage my role as a caregiver, but also remain a spouse… They were extremely helpful and completely understanding! This made me feel comfortable and helped guide me to care for my husband and care for myself."

—Beth W.

How Much Does Investing In Your Employees Cost?

$18 per 30-minute call

100% satisfaction guarantee for all calls

Join as an early adopter and get:​​

  • Annual fee waived ($29/person)

  • Startup fee waived ($1,995)

  • Co-branded site for employee sign up ($1,995)

$1.75 Per Member,

Per Month

"Talking with someone was very comforting... she understood my circumstances and encouraged me to take one day at a time."

—Jill G.

What Benefits Will Your Employees Enjoy?

  • Ability to speak with—and personally choose—trained and experienced Guides who are experts in aging and caregiving

  • Access to our full library of resources, webinars and other support services via our Intelligence Assistance software

  • Customized co-branded benefits website, along with other customization and marketing materials (fee waived for early adopters)

Ready to offer your employees additional support?