Experienced Human Support for Life's Most Difficult Moments

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"Many times, families need to talk with others who have placed a loved one in a senior living community before to feel more at ease with the move or transition after the move. The LifeGuide's partnership with CarePatrol creates the link that can make this happen."

– Chuck Bongiovanni, Founder & President of CarePatrol

Become a LifeGuides Partner

  • Reduce non-medical staff demands

  • Improve family satisfaction scores

  • Improve patient retention

  • Cultivate a culture of caring

Clinical Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical Companies

Support your care partners and patients by offering the power of experienced human-to-human guidance.

Strategic Distribution Partners

Link arms with LifeGuides to offer your clients valuable and genuine empathetic support.

  • Humanize your brand

  • Differentiate your product or service

  • Get closer to your customers

  • Defer emotional demands placed on call center associates

  • Reduce your sales cycle length

  • Gain valuable data

  • Shorten your sales cycle

Why peer support?

Sharing Life Experience has never been more relevant.

Peer support has been shown to...

Source: Mead & McNeil, 2006

Reduce stress by dampening feelings of blame and stigma.

Create a level of acceptance, understanding, and validation not found in professional relationships.

Improve outcomes of socialization, life quality and satisfaction, and activation for self-care.

Current Life Challenges Supported

Our vetted and trained Guides are available to support with these Life Challenges.

Upcoming Life Challenges

Alzheimer’s of 

a Loved-One

Breast Cancer

Family Caregiving

Natural Disaster Loss

Aging Parents

Opiate Addiction of a Loved-One

Grief and Loss

Mental Illness of a Loved-One

Life Challenges Made Less Challenging

“I would have loved to have this service right from the beginning (when my family was in denial).”

– Frank A.

“LifeGuides is the answer to the prayers of so many needing support, love, education and an understanding, compassionate ear. Thank you.”

– Phoebe E.

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