Helpful Ways To Get Through Your Loved One’s Final Stage Alzheimer’s




It’s been a long road for you. You have been by your loved one’s side with Alzheimer’s through all of the stages and yet as you feel the end approaching, it seems like the hardest part. But there are things you can do to help ease this transition for you and your loved one.


Provide Emotional Support.

As your loved one makes this transition, allow them to express their fears of death. Honor their wishes and let them reminisce about their memories. Keep them company so they won’t feel alone in this process. Try not to burden them with your feelings and fears about their death. Instead let them just talk to you and make sure they are as comfortable as possible.


Caring For Yourself

Even though you are providing so much support for your loved one. You must not forget yourself. Write in a journal, connect with other caregivers, or find support in family members so you also can deal with the pain of this transition. Try to use the transition to make good in the world. Use the things you learned caregiving to help other caregivers or Alzheimer’s patients.


After Death Support

This is the hardest part. You may be feeling lost, sad, without purpose, and etc. But these are normal feelings that can be worked through in a healthy way. Seek out support groups, go on a vacation, or find activities that can be relaxing. Remember that you did the best you could do and helped your loved one the best way possible through this disease.


There are many ways to help with your loved ones transition to death but the best way is to connect with other people that have been through the situation. Join our Facebook group and subscribe to our newsletter for more tips.



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