My Loved One Is Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s, Now What?


This can feel overwhelming. Leaving the doctor’s office after hearing your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is life changing. What happens next? What has to be done moving forward? What does moving forward look like? After you gain a proper understanding of the disease, you also need to process your emotions and help your loved one process theirs.


You’re experiencing a feeling of grief and it’s okay. Most of all it’s not selfish for you to be feeling these feelings. This is a journey that you and your loved one will be on together. It is healthy to acknowledge the emotions you are feeling. It is very important to accept these feelings so you can move forward with your loved one and care take for the disease. Below are some activities that may help you process your emotions:


  • Writing in a journal

  • Don’t go through this journey alone

  • Speaking openly and honestly about feelings to loved ones or life guides

  • Join a group or community of caregivers who can relate to what you are going through.

  • Seek help from a counselor or clergy member

These tips will help you to move forward to the next steps of caretaking for a person with Alzheimer’s, so it is important that you and your loved one go through this process together.


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