The Gift of Caregiving For Valentine’s Day


Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is waking up in the middle of the night, even though you are dead tired, to calm your loved one back to sleep after she forgot not only where she was, but who you were. Love is making your loved one’s favorite meal because they forgot how to make it. Love is sacrificing your needs and wants to make sure someone else’s is met. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, more people are concerned with the items and benefits that come from love. While caregiver’s are actually doing the act of love for someone on a daily basis. They’re may not be a fancy dinner or cute teddy bear waiting for you, but knowing that you are doing something that is making your loved one’s life a little easier is a priceless feeling.


The Caregiving Gift


If this is you,you’re one of 15.9 million people providing unpaid care to a loved-one with Alzheimer’s.You guide, dress, clean and sometimes bathe them. You’re the superhero no one recognizes or knows, serving behind the scenes hoping no one discovers your Kryptonite. You know the secret no one knows. You don’t have the strength to do it all alone.


As the illness progresses, you learn to manage everything and organize the day.  It’s  you, the caregiver who is the glue that holds it all together. But you often wonder silently to yourself, “Who’s holding me?”


Full of questions and sometimes doubt, you struggle knowing that you did not choose this life, but it’s the hand you’ve been given. Everyday you wake up unsure of how will you play the cards?  ,


Tired, isolated, and overwhelmed, you press on making  sure your loved-one’s always safe and most of all loved.


Caring For the Caregiver


The very core of being a caregiver is putting someone else’s needs before your own. But you’re starting to feel it eat away at you. Your health and wellbeing are suffering.


You’re tired, irritated and have lost interest in things you once loved. Worse, you don’t have the energy to sulk or have a pity party because there is something else that needs to be done.


Laundry, check. Groceries, check. Medicines, check. Dinner, check.  Your to do list is growing and you’re caught between personal sanity and making sure you meet the demands of today.  When will it it.


You’re suffering and feel alone, but don’t know how to express it. Family and friend relationships are starting to be strained because you don’t have the time you once had and because of slight resentment on your behalf.


To add to this, you have no clue exactly what, “Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s means.” You’re not by yourself, “Every 66 seconds, someone in the United States develops the disease.”  


“Why me?,” you think. “Why can’t someone help or pick up the slack.”


35% of caregivers for people with Alzheimer’s report their health has gotten worse due to care responsibilities.  


Compared to 19% pf caregivers of people without dementia, twice as many caregivers of those with dementia indicate substantial emotional, financial and physical difficulties. But this doesn’t have to be the life for you.


It’s time to stop doing more than you can physically and financially handle. No more neglecting personal doctor visits. No more forgetting about the person who matters most. You are the person your loved one is counting on and rooting for.


Can’t you see them on the sidelines, beaming from ear to ear? Can’t you hear them loudly cheering saying, “I am so proud of you.” “Don’t give up now. Your loved one and family is counting on you.


This holiday is the perfect time to regroup, rethink your strategy, get your second wind, reach out and get the support you’ve been longing for.  It’s time to get the help you need.


Seeking Help


Seeking help sounds easier than it is. “Where do I find the time?” It’s the one question that constantly plays in your head.


You’re already stretched beyond capacity. Family may be too far away to help or just not able to help at all.


“Friends?’ “Who has time for them,” you think. Hiring a caregiver professional is out of the question because it’s either not in the budget or your loved one’s pride stops you every time.


What would life look like if you took just one to two hours a week to invest in you? How much better would your loved ones care be if you had time to bounce ideas off of someone else, recharge and get the support you need?


If you have made the bold step and leap of faith to become a caregiver, why not be the best caregiver you can be? That journey starts with you!


Caregiver Life Transformation


Imagine no longer having the feelings of isolation, stress, and being overwhelmed by your caregiving responsibilities because you’re now apart of a community of caregivers that can relate to what you are going through.


It’s the feeling you get when you have a caregiving guide. You and your family are better off now that you’re apart of a community of like minded individuals that understand you.


Getting help doesn’t make you weak, it makes you stronger.


When you make a conscious decision to actively look for  and receive help, you step into a different caregiving class. You become a better caregiver for you and your loved-one.


Can’t you see yourself becoming mentally and physically stronger? More present and able to care for your loved-one?


We all desire to belong, feel heard, let down our hair and find a place where we can go and release our deepest frustrations.  


Whether you want to ball up in a corner, cry, run away from it all or pretend you never heard the news, give yourself permission to be human for a moment. It’s time to be the caregiver needed the most right now and that’s a caregiver for you!


Having someone to vent and a place to go when you need help, can change the game. You are not alone.


“More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. By 2050 this number could rise as high as 16 million.”


So many others are feeling just like you.  There is comfort in knowing someone out there understands your current situation.


It’s time to be happier. Gain more energy than ever. Practice the self-care you need to properly be the caregiver you want to be.


Your life promises to be completely different after you receive the help you need from someone who has walked in your shoes, feels your pain, can help you talk things through and be your caregiver guide.


Help A Caregiver


Ever realize that someone else somewhere in the world might be experiencing the exact same feelings as you?


Most caregivers know the inside scoop, “Only another caregiver can help a caregiver.”


Your journey as a caregiver has been long and hard. You’ve sacrificed time and energy so your loved one could be okay. You’ve gone through the emotional turmoil, the different Alzheimer’s stages, and learned everything there is to know about caregiving. You didn’t start out as an expert, but now you’re pretty close to it.


Remember when you started your caregiver journey? You had no idea what you were getting into.


There was no one to go to. You had no one to help you along. You wished you had someone tell you signs to watch out for and things to avoid.


What if you could discover the best caregiving gift this holiday and be that person someone else needs?


You can choose to make a difference and use the lessons, resources, and wisdom gained as a caregiver to help others. Become a caregiver guide with LifeGuides ™.


LifeGuides ™ is on a mission to end suffering for 5 million people over the next 10 years.  Life Guides™ pairs people, who are going through a specific Life Challenge, with Guides ™ who have gone through the same Life Challenge.


LifeGuides was created to connect caregivers who understand the overwhelming feelings of frustration, isolation, confusion and anxiety.


If you had an experienced Alzheimer’s caregiver who could help you navigate the tough, long road ahead wouldn’t you want to talk to them?


LifeGuides gives you the opportunity to do just that. With LifeGuides you are matched with someone that has walked in your shoes. Without having to leave your house you can talk to someone, get caregiving advice, get access to the resources they used and most of all, find a listening ear.


A world without caregivers would be a selfish and self-centered world.


Do something to encourage and support caregivers around the world. Get the proper support you need. With Alzheimer’s disease estimated to increase in the coming years, more people will need to take on the role of caregiving. This is a great noble act, but people also need to step forward to take care  of those selfless individuals too.  


Then, they can better care for themselves and their loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease.


Having another Alzheimer’s caregiver who knows what it’s like to constantly worry about the wellbeing of your loved-one is the #1 one gift on every caregiver’s Christmas list.


Join a community that knows what it’s like to feel the stresses of feeding your loved one when they refuse to eat, or the stress of going through the process of losing a loved one twice.


Interested in connecting with another experienced caregiver and guide? Or becoming a guide yourself?  Click here.


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