5 Must Haves In An Alzheimer’s Caregiver Morning Ritual


Your days are hectic and often unpredictable now. Sometimes your loved one cooperates with you and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they’ll sleep through the night and sometimes they won’t. Sometimes you get the rest you need and….well rarely do you get the rest you need but close enough to it and most of the times you won’t. You’re praying for some type of order in your life so you can keep your sanity. While most of the time, order is something you just won’t get. If you stick to at least having a consistent morning routine, you’ll have the strength to face the rest of your day.


  • Read Something Inspirational. This could be a favorite book or spiritual/religious text. It’s important that you start your day on an inspirational note. Get yourself into a powerful mindset so when you face challenges in your day you can think of the inspirational message to help get you through.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you what you need to get through the day. Even if it’s as simple as a bowl of cereal. If you make some time for breakfast you’ll have more energy and be able to concentrate more throughout the day.

  • Meditate/Pray.  Take some time for yourself in your own head. Whether you meditate, pray or just sit in quiet. Take 5-10 minutes of just clearing your mind and not thinking of all the things you have to do for the day and just be present in the moment. Get your mind in the right state to be able to face the day.

  • Plan your day.  Even though unpredictable things will happen. Make a list of everything you need to get done for the day so you can have a better idea of what you’re facing and plan a way to execute. If possible, try to make your list for the day, the night before and go over it in the morning. You can also use this list to check off during the day so you can look back on everything you’ve done.

  • Get Moving. You don’t have to do intense cardio or lift a lot of weights. You can do some simple stretches or even take a short walk. But doing something that can increase your endorphins will be good for not just the day, but also your overall health.


Your days are already stressful and things are bound to come up that’ll throw your day for another loop. But take a little bit of time in the morning for yourself and watch how your days can improve.    


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