Our Testimonials

The LifeGuides team appreciates the following endorsements from our key stakeholders, including our corporate clients, individuals who use our Guide services, our trained Guides, industry thought leaders, and our investors.

What Corporate Clients Are Saying

"LifeGuides is my largest venture capital investment, besides my investments into The Motley Fool. We are excited to offer The LifeGuides Networks to our 350 employee families, as we enhance our Culture of Caring."

David Gardner,  Co-Founder & Chair

Motley Fool Investments

"Many times, families need to talk with others who have placed a loved one in a senior living community before to feel more at ease with the move or transition after the move. The LifeGuide's partnership with CarePatrol creates the link that can make this happen."

Chuck Bongiovanni, Founder & President CarePatrol

What Thought Leaders Are Saying

“LifeGuides pairs someone in the midst of a Life Challenge to a Guide who has successfully overcome the identical life event, just like Match.com pairs people for love.”

Will Bunker, Founder of Match.com

"LifeGuides is a wonderful and important resource for enterprises motivated to help employees navigate life struggles and enhance creativity, vitality and energy in their workforce."

Raj Sisodia, Co-Author of:"Conscious Capitalism",
"Firms of Endearment", "Everybody Matters"

"Life Guides is a genius idea! It’s a brilliant platform for caring people to connect and help others in need; a remarkably effective way to deliver real benefit to your stakeholders. Highly recommended for all who aspire to lead Healing Organizations!"

Michael Gelb, Author of: "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci", "Innovate Like Edison", "Creativity on Demand"

"LifeGuides is huge. We often hear about robots and artificial intelligence taking our jobs. But the fact of the matter is that, if I had an extraordinarily painful experience, I don't care how humanlike a robot is, there's something in your soul that it connects with others that say:
'I went through this, I know how you feel.'"

Peter Diamandis, Founder of XPrize, Co-founder of Singularity University, and Founder of A360

What Individual Clients Are Saying

“I was paired immediately with guide that was meant just for me and my unique situation. I will not ever forget her and how she walked the start of this beautiful though arduous journey with me!”

Jill G.

“My Guide was relatable and compassionate. She provided avenues for me to express my thoughts and feelings and when I cried.”

Nayda T.

“As an only child, I don't have many people to turn to in figuring out how to take care of my mom. My Guide has really helped me with that. I already feel much more confident than I did even a few months ago.”


“I would have loved to have this service right from the beginning (when family was in denial)”


“LifeGuides is the answer to the prayers of so many needing support, love, education and an understanding, compassionate ear as we all struggle to fight for a cure for this destructive and debilitating disease. Thank you.”


“LifeGuides helped me focus on what my highest priority was at the moment. I was able to move forward and get answers immediately after my phone call. It is a relief to know I can call again for more help like that.”


“It was nice to speak with someone who understands what you are going through. she made some good suggestions and was encouraging”


What Our Guides Are Saying

“LifeGuides has shown me that the gift of life is so precious more than most really know. The calls I have had with my clients has changed my life completely. I realized that I will not be able to help everyone but those that I do will enrich my life as well as theirs.”


“I was reluctant to end the session because my client was emotional. She said “no, these are happy tears to be talking to someone who finally gets it”


“I was a caregiver for both of my parents while being a single mom and it was incredibly hard. I felt so alone and down at times… I wished I had someone there to vent to and bounce ideas off of. I’m so grateful that we get to lighten the load for others with LifeGuides.”